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digestive    system   消化系统

今天实战君看书学到了个词,关于洗发用品“沐浴露”用英文这样说shower gel

In a bid to prove that showering is overrated, an American scientist
hasn’t had a bath in 12 years。 Instead, he sprays his skin with a mist
containing live bacteria, which he claims has kept him clean all these

toiletries  maket  盥(guan 四声)洗用品市场




(1)omnipresent    无所不在的

being present  everywhere  at once

前缀:omni-   表示“全部,到处”

omnificent  创造一切的,有无限创造力的

omni 全部,到处+fic做+ent……的〈做出全部东西〉

omnipotent  全能的


(2)cosmetic 化妆品   美容品  〔复数+s〕

a toiletry  designed  to  beautify  the body.

Cosmetics [医]  美容剂,美容剂类

(3)toiletry 盥洗 化妆品,化妆工具〔复数+toiletries〕

an  artifact  used  in   making  your  toilet.

eg:Microbeads  are   miniscule   pieces  of  plastic  omnipresent  in
our  everyday  cosmetics   that  you  may   have   never  paid  much  
attention  to   up   until    now.


eg:  cosmetics  and  toiletries  maket  in Latin American.


(4)perfume  香水

toilet-water    bottle  喷香水瓶

(5)makeup   彩妆

makeup  artist    美容师

makeup  base   隔离霜

makeup  remover   卸妆

eye   makeup  眼部彩妆

(6)skincare  护肤

(7)hair  发用


薄荷味沐浴露 mint scented shower gel

Dave Whitlock, a chemical engineer and MIT graduate, says that there
is no basis for assuming that bathing is a healthy practice。 “No one
did clinical trials on people taking showers every day,” he said。 “I
have not taken a shower in 12 years。” In fact, he says that the
chemicals in our soaps and shampoos have destroyed all the friendly
bacteria that once inhabited our skin and kept us clean。

(9)Cream&Lotion 面霜/乳液

(10)foundation  粉底液

(11)face powder 粉饼

(12)Mascara   睫毛膏

(13)Mac  Brush  Mac   化妆刷

(14)  hydrating 滋润保湿

(15)  cotton  pads 化妆棉

professional  make-up  sponge专业化妆棉

Facial  Cotton  化妆棉

Side  sealed  facial  cotton  puffs 压边化妆棉

(16) oil-absorbing   sheets  吸油纸

(17) Conditioners  护发素

(18) scent  bag  香薰袋

(19)face scrubs  脸部磨砂膏

(20)exfoliating  shower  gels 去角质沐浴露

(21)toothpaste  牙膏

洗发露 shampoo


护发素 conditioner

Whitlock first started thinking about good bacteria when a woman he was
dating asked him why horses liked to roll around in the dirt during
summer。 “The only way that horses could evolve this behavior was if
they had substantial evolutionary benefits from it,” Whitlock
explained。 That’s when he realised that for the horses, this was
actually a way of keeping clean。

泡沫洗面奶 foaming cleanser


润肤露 body lotion

Until then, no one had considered that skin bacteria was important and
could be helpful to the body。 “I didn’t have a biology degree – I
wasn’t at an institution that was renowned for its biological
research,” Whitlock said。 “And I was proposing something completely
off the wall。” But he went ahead and invented a one-of-a-kind spray –
called ‘Mother Dirt AO+ Mist’ – consisting of ‘good’ bacteria。

洗澡海绵 loofah /bathing sponge

下去了,发明了一种富含有益微生物的,叫“Mother Dirt AO+ Mist”的喷雾剂。


According to Whitlock, the bacteria in the spray can serve as personal
groomers, eating through sweat and oil on our skin。 They feed off urea
and ammonia in the sweat from the skin, turning them into nitric
oxide, which is very good for the body。 Nitric oxide molecules dilate
blood vessels and help regulate blood pressure, along with a host of
other benefits。